We are animal nutrition division under Halways Sdn Bhd, a privately held company that has been in business since 2013. We carry a wide and varied range of animal nutrition products. Thohira feeds are economical animal feeds that boost the growth performance, enhance health of animals, and help to improve aquaculture water quality. It is made to help the farmers to reduce the increasing cost of producing the farmed animals. Our core animal feed products are Thohira Aquaformula for freshwater fishes and Thohira Poultryformula for chickens. Thohira combines balance nutrient formulation and synbiotic in one formula. Every pellet are made with highly digestible renewable nutrients to ensure the fish grow at economical cost and low feed conversion ratio, increasing yield and profit. The synbiotic help to improve water quality as fast as 5 days by reducing the harmful ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, benefits the farmers by reducing the needs for water exchange. There are no other products in the market that offers such benefits at Thohira price ranges. 

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