Thohira Synbiotic is a natural growth promoter that helps promote animal performance. Thohira Synbiotic promotes the beneficial gut microflora through the combined action of selected probiotic microorganism and prebiotic mannan oligosaccharides.

Technology: Thohira synbiotic is developed through collaborative research between Halways Sdn Bhd and Universiti Putra Malaysia. It is scientifically proven via research trial at university and practical level.


Mode of Action

Combination of both probiotic and prebiotic as synbiotic, improves animal health activating the metabolism of one or a limited number of health-promoting bacteria or by selectively stimulating their growth, which improved the welfare of the host.  The combination of a pre- and probiotic in one product has been shown to confer benefits beyond those of either on its own. 

The Problem: A Need for Thohira Synbiotic Technology

Antibiotics have been widely used as growth promoters in livestock diets during the past several decades due to their therapeutic effects. Antibiotics have been used to reduce the frequency of diarrhea under certain conditions and resulted in improvement in performance parameters like body weight gain (BWG) or feed conversion ratio (FCR). These beneficial effects of feed antibiotics are generally explained by modifications of the intestinal bacteria and their interaction with the host animal, including bacterial interactions with intestinal tissue as well as the immune system. Thus, the intestinal microbiota is not only involved in nutrient conversion along the gastrointestinal tract, but may also affect or support animal health.
Because of the concern that the use of antibiotics as feed additive might contribute to an increase of bacterial antibiotic resistance, the use of some types of antibiotics have been restricted by some countries beginning from 1970’s. Further, European Union (EU) has introduced a total ban on the application of antibiotics as feed additives from 2006 onwards. Consequently, the change in the consumer’s demand for a safe food production coupled with the regulatory issues about the ban of antibiotic growth promoters have ensured a search for natural strategies to modulate gut development and health.  However until now, the use natural growth promoters (NGPs) over antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) still questionable due their expensive and inconsistent results at industrial scale applications.


The Solution: A breakthrough in Growth Promoter Technology

We have developed  proprietary technology to produce high quality synbiotic using agriculture waste as source of production material. The technology allows Thohira Synbiotic to be produced at economy of scale that allow it to be incorporated in feeds without effecting its economic viability. Incorporating Thohira Synbiotic in animal feeds gives it the strength needed to enhance the performance of farmed animals, reducing costs and increasing profits.
Thohira synbiotic is NGPs that can be used as alternatives to AGPs in livestock production. Unlike AGPs, main advantage of Thohira NGPs is that they do not bear any risk regarding bacterial resistance or undesired residues in animal products such as meat, milk or eggs. 

– rapid development of a healthy gut microflora
– stabilization of digestion
– increased growth performance
– stimulation and rapid maturation of the immune system
– improved feed efficiency
– higher profitability



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