Are You a Farmer Who Experience an Increasing Cost of Feed?

Animal feed is the most critical factors in animal production; it accounts up to 80% of the total variable costs. Every year the price increased, and the farmer cannot sustain it anymore. If you are one of those who experience this problem, the solution is here.

Economical Fish Feed with Synbiotics Help Farmers Reduce Costs

Thohira Aquaformula contains a unique blend of ingredients that promote good health and growth of aquatic organisms especially fishes. These ingredients are sourced locally, and the sustainable and economical production is ensured. Other key features of Thohira are the capability to improve water quality as well as environmentally friendly.

What Technology Do We Use?

Here are the three technologies that powered the performance of Thohira Aquaformula. Helping you reduce costs.

Our Species

We currently focus on three core species. Choose your species below.

Why Choose Thohira for Aquaculture?

Enjoy the six advantages when you choose to use Thohira for your animals.

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