Thohira at a Glance

The urgency is to supply sustainable and economical animal feeds. This issue is especially for Malaysia’s aquaculture and poultry sectors. What is not sustainable is our dependency on imported feed ingredients such as soybean meal, corn, and fishmeal. Increasing costs of these items have further dampened the growth of these industries. Our solution is to produce Thohira; the economical animal feeds with premium quality that improves animal growth and survival. Formulated with renewable ingredients and powered by high-tech growth promoters, Thohira helps the farmers to grow the foods at low production cost, producing more yields while conserving resources. Thohira provides farmers low-cost alternatives compared to the conventional animal feed that depends on imported feed ingredients.

Universiti Putra Malaysia and Halways Sdn Bhd have worked together in R&D to integrate renewable technology in Thohira. The goal is to help farmers reduce costs and increase profits.

Scientists Behind Thohira

A group of scientists from Universiti Putra Malaysia and Halways Sdn Bhd has developed Thohira as an initiative to help farmers to solve the most significant issue in animal production, the animal feed cost.


At a Glance

Thohira is a trademark of the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and is commercialized by Halways Sdn Bhd.